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You are about to discover how your greatest resource can change your life forever!

“Master your Subconscious Mind, and you Master your Universe.” -Karen Mcky

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What Is PSYCH-K®?

“PSYCH-K® is a set of spiritually based processes which allow us to embrace our experiences and awaken to our soul’s greater plan. You’ll transform your perceived limitations and transcend into your true state as an empowered being. The time is NOW!”   ~ Karen McKy



FREE PSYCH-K Intro Webinars

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Intro Webinar      Apr 21, 2015     1pm EDT, 12pm CDT, 11am MDT, 10am PDT

Intro Webinar      Apr 28, 2015     1pm EDT, 12pm CDT, 11am MDT, 10am PDT

Intro Webinar      May 19, 2015    1pm EDT, 12pm CDT, 11am MDT, 10am PDT

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PSYCH-K Workshops and Classes

Contact:   KAREN   719-648-3070

Class schedules and locations are subject to change! Confirm with Karen at 719-648-3070 prior to purchasing flights or making travel arrangements.

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Basic Workshop (3 Day)    May 01 – May 03, 2015     Denver, CO

Basic Workshop (3 Day)   May 08 – May 10, 2015      Oslo, Norway

Advanced Integration         May 14 – May 17, 2015     Chicago, IL

Schedule Your Class          May 22 – May 24, 2015      Your City!

Basic Workshop (3 Day)   May 29 – May 31, 2015      Orlando, FL

Basic Workshop (3 Day)   Jun 05 – Jun 07. 2015       Denver, CO

Advanced Integration       Jun 11 – Jun 14, 2015       Denver, CO

Basic Workshop (3 Day)   Jun 19 – Jun 21, 2015      Chicago, IL

Basic Workshop (3 Day)   Jun 26 – Jun 28, 2015     Boston, MA

Summer Rendezvous      Jul 03 – Jul 05, 2015         Denver, CO

Basic Workshop (3 Day)   Jul 10 – Jul 12, 2015       Chicago, IL

Pro Workshop (4 Day)       Jul 16 – Jul 19, 2015       Denver, CO

Divine Integration Retreat  Jul 21 – Jul 29, 2015      Crestone, CO

Basic Workshop (3 Day)   Jul 31 – Aug 2, 2015    Idaho Falls/Rexburg, ID

Basic Workshop (3 Day)   Aug 07 – Aug 09, 2015    Denver, CO

Basic Workshop (3 Day)   Aug 14 – Aug 16, 2015    Lincoln, NE

Advanced Integration       Aug 20 – Aug 23, 2015    Chicago, IL

Basic Workshop (3 Day)   Sep 04 – Sep 06, 2015     Denver, CO

Advanced Integration       Sep 10 – Sep 13, 2015     Denver, CO

Health & Wellness Prog  Sep 17 – Sep 20, 2015      Chicago, IL

Speaker at Conference   Sep 25 – Sep 27, 2015    Mt Ida, AR

Fall Rendezvous             Oct 02 – Oct 04, 2015        Denver, CO

Basic Workshop (3 Day)   Oct 09 – Oct 11, 2015     Chicago, IL

Basic Workshop (3 Day)   Oct 16 – Oct 18, 2015     Cape Town, S. Africa

Advanced Integration       Oct 29 – Nov 01, 2015     Cape Town, S. Africa

Basic Workshop (3 Day)   Nov 06 – Nov 08, 2015    Chicago, IL

Basic Workshop (3 Day)   Nov 13 – Nov 15, 2015    Denver, CO

Advanced Integration       Nov 19 – Nov 22, 2015    Denver, CO

Pro Workshop                   Dec 03 – Dec 06, 2015     Chicago, IL

Schedule Your Class        Dec 11 – Dec 13, 2015     Your City!

Schedule Your Class        Dec 18 – Dec 20, 2015     Your City!


2015 classes are being scheduled now.

Let’s plan your class and we can get it posted right away!

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Facilitator Success Coaching

You attended the class, you’re back home and ….. NOW WHAT?  Support for your continued success using PSYCH-K is right here. Take advantage of this support.

Join the Q & A format. Discuss questions about the workshop materials, balance processes, working with self or other people, etc.

Sessions are ONLY $10.00 USD each session. You will be invoiced through PayPal after the session you attended.

Basic Facilitator Success Coaching

     Daytime Session begins at:  11 am EDT, 10 am CDT, 9 am MDT, 8 am PDT

     Evening Session begins at:  7 pm EDT, 6 pm CDT, 5 pm MDT, 4 pm PDT

Advanced Facilitator Success Coaching

     Daytime Session begins at:  12 pm EDT, 11 am CDT, 10 am MDT, 9 am PDT

     Evening Session begins at:   8 pm EDT, 7 pm CDT, 6 pm MDT, 5 pm PDT

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What’s NEW?

New video “Evolution of Consciousness” from Rob Williams, the Originator of PSYCH-K!

To discuss more about Karen’s upcoming PSYCH-K Workshops contact her at 719-648-3070

Experience, Awaken, Transform, Transcend, Evolve!

Rob Williams, the originator of PSYCH-K,®  coined this term in 1989. PSYCH-K® is a profound set of processes which assist the subconscious mind. The effect is a re-writing of self-limiting subconscious programs (beliefs) into life-enhancing subconscious programs (beliefs).

eMany people find self-limiting beliefs create self-sabotaging behaviors. Such behaviors covertly affect one’s ability to be successful in business and personal relationships. These invisible issues often are the ruling programs that silently lead people to despair, frustration and exasperation in their lives.

PSYCH-K® (and PER-K Essentials For Business) offers people an easy and effective way to change the way they behave, feel, and interact with others in their life.

Traditional tools such as affirmations, talk therapy (based on stimulating insights from past occurrences), positive thinking, will power, reading self-help books, making vision boards, writing in journals and visualizing are predominantly limited to the conscious mind.

While these can be helpful. They are seriously limited in effectiveness. If conscious mind processes were all that were needed to change the subconscious mind, we would already be doing and being all that we wanted.

The focus of PSYCH-K and PER-K is directed at changing beliefs held in the subconscious mind. Our beliefs are the predecessors of all behaviors, feelings and interpretations we experience in our life.

People can learn how to change their subconscious programming at the first indication of a challenge, thus creating a different outcome.

“Permission and Commitment” protocols are used within this process. They ensure that the Subconscious mind and Super-conscious minds are in alignment with the agreed upon direction, and intended work.

This also ensures that the desired subconscious programming change is in the best interests of the person at that particular time. If Permission or Commitment are not allowed for the desired change, this goal can not be worked upon at that time. Instead, a higher priority will be identified which needs to be addressed first.This other “higher priority” goal is more important and appropriate for subconscious programming change. Permission and Commitment can be obtained for it. Several confirmation or verification steps are used to satisfy the skeptical conscious mind that change has actually occurred.

Kinesiology, or muscle testing, is utilized to establish communication with the subconscious mind. Whole brain body postures and movements cause neuron firings in both brain hemispheres, creating a whole brain state in which subconscious programming change more readily occurs within the subconscious mind.

This program is a synergistic combination of divinely inspired ideas merged with effective Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psycho-spiritual processes, Milton Erickson Style Hypnotherapy, Educational Kinesiology, and Acupressure healing modalities. The result is a highly dynamic and successful means of changing sabotaging beliefs.

Brain Mapping (qEEG) now offers scientific validation that changes are in fact being made within the brain during the balance process. Neuroscientist, Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, of the Center for Cognitive Enhancement in Glendale, Arizona has been working with Rob Williams and PSYCH K since January 2009.

Together, they published a paper in the peer reviewed journal, “NeuroConnections” in September 2011 which documents the findings of 125 participants utilizing PSYCH-K and Brain Mapping technology. (Click here for the printable pdf article.)

The processes differ greatly from most other healing modalities. It is believed the person seeking the change (Client/Partner) holds the answers within their own subconscious mind for the presenting concern. Since we are a composite of all our past experiences, this is the most appropriate place to find the answer.

The Facilitator assists the Partner in discovering their own inner wisdom and making the changes the Partner seeks, not changes the Facilitator thinks are best,

Students who attend the Basic Workshop are called Facilitators after completion of the workshop. This designation is given because we are always “facilitating” the work, even when we are working with ourselves. The person directing any session is called a Facilitator, not a practitioner, doctor, or therapist.

This differentiation is very important as a Facilitator “facilitates the processes” so the client can discover the needed answers within their own subconscious mind by utilizing the processes. Facilitators are not the “keepers of the answers”, the clients are!